Mission statement

The Staatliche Bücher- und Kupferstichsammlung in the Sommerpalais in Greiz has been connected to the House of Reuss Elder line ever since the museum’s foundation in 1922. Built as the princes’ summer residence, the Sommerpalais is one of the earliest examples of classicist architecture in Central Germany. The historical building and the collection it houses impart authenticity and offer a cultural memory of the region.

Visitors experience cultural history in a mixture of nature, architecture and art. The princely collection from the Age of Enlightenment is presented inside the neo-classical Sommerpalais located in an English garden.

The collection focuses on three different fields: first, the princely library, enriched by the English Princess Elizabeth’s collection of books and parts of the library of the princely Gymnasium Rutheneum in Gera, second, the princely collection of engravings, and third, the Satiricum with contemporary caricatures of national importance.

Based upon the »ICOM Code of Ethics for Museums«, the Staatliche Bücher- und Kupferstichsammlung preserves, interprets and promotes natural and cultural inheritance of humanity. Its collections are meant to be of societal benefit and use. They are therefore continuously expanded according to the collecting concept. Promoting the collection’s significance and contextualising it historically and culturally is of top priority.

The aim is to attract local visitors as well as tourists to the museum. An essential prerequisite is the secure and appropriate storage of the prints and books under ideal conditions and furthermore the scientific documentation of the history of the collections.

The museum staff is a small team with a flat hierarchy, where each member has his or her own respected field. All members of the staff should be aware of the importance of each and every aspect of the museum’s activities; facility management, restoration workshop, administration, museum security, public relations, library and the directorship of the museum.

Our aim is to present the museum as a unit and to achieve all targets together.