Museum educational service

We wish to promote the collection by means of the museum educational service. Visitors are meant to be entertained, but nonetheless the aim is to make a lasting impression. Gaining insight into the past, different artistic techniques and the artistic styles can be very exciting and that is what we hope to provide.

We offer guided tours for people of all ages. Furthermore, we supply a comprehensive range of different programs for children consisting of accompanied lessons, school trips, project days and excursions as well as creative recreational activities and holiday activities.

Some of the museum educational services we offer:

  • Chaos im Sommerpalais (Chaos in the Sommerpalais; children aged 6–12)
  • Wie lebten die Reußen (Living like the Princes of Reuss; children aged 8–12)
  • Greiz sagenhaft (Mythical Greiz; children aged 6–10)
  • Sehenswürdigkeiten rund ums Sommerpalais und Greizer Park (Sights around the Sommerpalais and the park; children aged 6–10)
  • Was sind Karikaturen (What are caricatures?, children/youths aged 12–14)
  • Zeichnen im Museum (Drawing in the museum; children/youths aged 6–18)
  • Mode und Sitten Ende des 18. Jahrhunderts (Fashion and customs in the late 18th century; children aged 11–14)
  • Wir gehen ins Museum (We are going to the museum; kindergarten, pre-school institutions and primary school)